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Tiger Muskie Fishing On Merwin Lake

Tiger Muskie Fishing on Lake Merwin provides a real Trophy fishing opportunity for anglers. Lake Merwin is about 10 miles North of Woodland Washington. The Tiger Muskie fishery on Lake Merwin is a very low-pressure fishery, providing more opportunity to catch a Trophy Tiger Muskie. While Tiger Muskie is called the fish of 10,000 casts, we call them the fish of 100 casts, because of how low the fishing pressure there is on Lake Merwin. We are having action and catching 1-4 fish on every trip so far, with several chasers to the boat as well.

Tiger Muskie is a very beautiful fish, as well as large and exhilarating to catch. These fish are very aggressive, they may bite a lure or fly right next to the boat or in the first few seconds of it hitting the water, while they are very aggressive they may not bite the lure or fly at all in some cases. We may see as many as 2-5 Tiger Muskie chase the lure or fly all the way to the end of your rod and not strike it, in a single day of fishing. Learning the figure 8 and L turn can increase the chance of a close encounter a strike. There is nothing like watching a Trophy Tiger Muskie attack your lure or fly at close range.

Methods of catching Tiger Muskie include cast and retrieve, buck-tail spinners, soft baits, swim baits and plugs, with bait cast reels or spinning reels. Fly fishing has also become a very popular way to catch Trophy Tiger Muskie, with a high successes rate as well. It seems that the slow high action presentation of large 5"-6" articulated hand tied flies with buck-tail and Marabou provide the Tiger Muskie with more presentation time to better activate an UN-decisive biter. Each fly that I tie has it's own 8" incorporated 80 Lb. Maxima Fluorocarbon leader with a crimped loop end, to ensure that the large sharp teeth won't cut your line.

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