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Fish The West With Mike West

Drift Boat fishing guide, since 1987. Catch the Most sought-after fish in the Northwest, Steelhead, coho, and spring salmon.

Fish the tributaries of the Columbia River with a professional. $ 200.00 per person.

Watch our introduction video on where we are and what we do.

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, home of the most popular steelhead fishing rivers on the entire west coast. Call Mike today to plan a fun and memorable steelhead fishing trip right here in Washington. Steelhead is an extremely hard fighting fish, however, they are one of the most challenging fish to catch. Mike includes a professional video as part of your adventure. You will fish with Mike from a drift boat, using light tackle including Abu Garcia and Penn reels paired with NW Rods. Specific techniques include side drifting, diver and bait, cast and retrieve, back bouncing, and plugging. These tried and true methods in combination with years of guiding experience will ensure you will have a great fishing trip and the best chance to catch a steelhead. Mike will keep your line in the water and fish hard all day. The only place you can receive a rebait before you pay.

Mike concentrates mostly on the Kalama, North Fork of the Lewis, Washougal and the East Fork of the Lewis rivers. The Washington State record winter steelhead was caught on the East Fork of the Lewis river by one of Mikes friends Gene Maygra on April 14th, 1980: 32.75 Lbs. The East Fork of the Lewis is known for its large winter run native steelhead. The best time to target this winter run is between late January- April. In early April we pursue late winter run steelhead, early summer run steelhead and spring chinook all on the same day.

Late June-September 1st. we move over to the North Fork of the Lewis River for summer steelhead. Warm weather and hot fishing combined is hard to beat. Then in late September-mid November, we pursue fall salmon, kings, and coho.

Mike likes to put his customers on the water during the best times to catch a fish mostly fishing behind the freshets. Mike will book your trip for specific dates or put you on his call list for a specific window of opportunity. When the rain is predicted to stop and we have high water, we watch the water heights on the web and try to predict the best four-day window. This is the best way to target the good days. With smaller runs and more anglers these days, Mike would like you to have the best chance of success. If water conditions aren't favorable in the winter months we reschedule. Single seat bookings are available.

Lake Merwin Tiger Muskie Guided Trips: Lake Merwin provides a spectacular
opportunity to catch a trophy Tiger Muskie. Tiger Muskie is a ferocious fish that appear out of nowhere at a moments notice, they will chase a lure all the way to the tip of your rod,
you can then do what is called an L turn or a figure 8 to keep his interest, then he may just
disappear as fast as he appeared, or he may attack the lure at close range. We watch 90% of the fish we catch, bite the lure at a close distance. Tiger Muskie is a large aggressive fish, with a bad attitude. Tiger Muskie is known to be the fish of 10,000 casts, however, because Lake Merwin Tiger Muskie is not pressured a great deal we are finding that we have several followers and catch fish on almost every trip, I would say, more like the fish of 100 casts. To catch these fish we mostly cast and retrieve large buck-tail spinners, swim-baits, soft-baits, and plugs. Fly fishing for them is not out of the question as well. If you can cast a large 6"-10" articulated leach or streamer, you may be victorious on one of these monsters. Lets hit Lake Merwin to catch one of the most exciting fish you will ever catch.

Kalama River $175.00 per person. Sales tax included. Singles are welcome.
All other rivers and Lake Merwin $ 350.00 for the boat. No more than 2 people per trip.

173 videos to show you what to expect on a Steelhead, Salmon or Tiger Muskie trip.

My youtube Channel 173 action packed videos to watch.

Bring warm clothes in layers. Raincoat and waders recommended, at least rain pants and rubber boots. The boat is equipped with a heater. Food and beverages not included.

Please visit my youtube channel MrFishguy60 for updated videos. Please subscribe to my channel.

Boat Ramp Locations

From I-5 up Kalama River Road

Modrow bridge ------------------------------ 1. 2 Miles
Mahaffeys Camp Ground ---------------- 2.4 Miles
Slab Boat Ramp ---------------------------- 3.3 Miles
Pritcherts Old Store Boat Ramp--------- 4.9 Miles
Red Barn Boat Ramp ---------------------- 5.4 Miles